Vega 56 - no signal after reseating cooler

I attempted to change the cooler on my vega 56 but after i have no signal from the card. The power lights come on and i have reaseated it a few times, changed PCIE slot and tried different power cables but nothing.
I have managed to boot into ubuntu with an old Nvidia card and the vega at the same time and got the command line to see both cards.
I dont think the card is completely dead but i’m struggling and think i may have damaged it somehow.
Any help would be gratefully recieved

Have you tried a different display out on the card?

Yeah, the HDMI and other displap ports. someone on Reddit has said that if the GPUtach led lights then it’s not dead and ubuntu does see the card

Can you leverage a couple more hands and try to boot the system with someone pressing ligtly the cooler on the GPU? Maybe it’s just very sensitive to mounting pressure since it’s a gigantic core.
Also check if you chipped the GPU in any of the sides/corners. I doubt it happened but that might be why it’s almost but not quite dead.

I could prob do that myself, but so far i’ve tried it a few times with the morpheus on, then i put the reference cooler back on but that didn’t change anything. The ref fan is also not moving but the fans on the morpheus plugged into the board did work. I also quickly tried it without a cooler just to see if it would give out any signal before i turned it off. Would ubuntu be able to know what the card is even if the chip is damaged? Would it just read the bios?

If the stock fan is not moving is really weird. Did it boot without the cooler? I don’t know if it really can or it gets too hot before the system has managed to post.
I don’t know if the OS would know what GPU is if the core is damaged. I guess it would just pull info from the BIOS as you said.

I think it does post, just cant tell. I’m fairly sure the card is recognised and is powered so the os is fine with it but I think i’ve just damaged it somehow os there’s not signal

Maybe it’s something to do with the fan header. If you know how to use a multimeter I’d try to see if something has broken from there or if there’s a blown fuse near the video outs.

I don’t have one but i’ll see if i can borrow one. Even if its done for i might learn something. Thanks MetalizeYourBrain

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