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Vega 56, GTX 1080 or 5700 XT

Hello everyone,

Need a bit of help with my next card. Want for gaming: Witcher, Dishonored, Assassin Creed, Warframe, Wolfenstein, Dota 2

Have to pick from these 3 options:

  • Asus Strix Vega 56 second hand 160$:

    • +good price to performance
    • +fits perfectly with my other components
    • -worst performing of the bunch and don’t know if bios flash would work or improve it’s performance
    • -bit shady as next price for same model is 230$ sh
    • -all money upfront
  • KFA2 GeForce GTX 1080 HOF from a friend for 230$:

    • +best price to performance, i think
    • +could pay in 2-3 rates
    • -don’t know if my Freesync Samsung C24FG77 will work with it
    • -would prefer AMD
    • -it will look ugly with my setup
  • Pulse/Gaming OC 5700 (XT) retail for 415$ (460$):

    • +best performance
    • +3 years warranty
    • +can pay up to 24 monthly rates with no interest
    • +probably most easy to resell in 2 years
    • -worst price to performance

Would appreciate your feedback.

My rig is a Ryzen 2600x on a X370 Asus Crosshair VI Hero, with 32 GB of G-skill 3200 memory. All in a CM Mastercase H500. Samsung C24FG77 144HZ Freesync monitor.
RIP my beautiful Strix Vega64 which i broke last week. I’m an idiot.

I think this will be mainly a matter of comparing benchmarks on those said particular games.
Buying a used card is of course not without a risk.
If you buy it from a good friend then sure no guarantee but still more reliable then buying from a stranger.

I would either go with the 1080, or the 5700XT.
I don’t really think that a Vega is still really a good option,
at least not when it comes to used cards.
Because you never know it’s history.

But i’m not sure if $180 for a used GTX1080 would be reasonable?

How did you broke it?
Is it out of warranty already?

I believe 2 yr warranty if you are original buyer…

If you’re in windows, 1080. Linux, 5700. That 1080 isn’t going to be considered slow for a few years yet.

I’d say vega 56 instead, but that sounds like a mising card.

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Wanted to swap the thermal pads and the mosfets looked greasy so i cleaned them up with some isopropyl alcohol - either did a poor job of drying or applied too much pressure or god knows. It boots but i see artifacts in the same spot, same kind. Tried running Warframe but couldn’t finis loading. I think it’s one of the fets. Also GPUZ is confused about some of the sensors.

No warranty unfortunately.
I did a sloppy job and murdered a perfectly good card, which i mourn now.

What does a missing card mean?

oh woops


sorry I use dvorak on android

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The GTX1080 option is 230$. It’s the lowest used market price. It wasn’t used in my friends daily computer so it doesn’t have much wear.

Ah okay i misread that.
If it’s not used much then yeah won’t be a bad buy i guess.
It’s still a pretty powerfull gpu.
But like i mentioned above i would personally lookup for some benchmark figures on those said games.

Under a circumstance where you know the Vega56 was NOT used for Mining AND it is one of the models flashable to Vega64 I would say that.

The 1080 is probably your best safe bet judging by it’s history, and sometimes safety is worth the cost.

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