Next year when I finish school and go to college one of the courses (I hope) to be studying is computing, In the specification it says that we'll be using VB.net, so I'd like to get a headstart and start learning now, is there a good website to start learning VB.net from for an absolute begginer?




go to a different college.

start out with java or Python, move up to C++

Thank you for a helpful comment

but in all sereousness, if all your college has is visual basic, pick a different one, Ztrain is like a genetically enhanced wizard I tell you, insanely smart

Shouln't a collage teach C in the first semester, so students can learn all the basic stuff, and then move on to different languages, like Java, C++, C#...
That is the case in my collage, and i am glad that i learned C first, and then the rest.

Maybe I didn't explain it well, this is a UK college - which isn't the same as a University ;)


still, by starting off with VB they are getting you into a bad mind set and it will lead to bad programmng practices. think, if you started learning a language, but EVERYONE used incorrect grammar... you would pick up on that, which would make it very hard to learn the language correctly later in life.

I clicked this thread because i though it was talking about beer... VB Victorian Bitter hahah :)


I totally agree. VB just has a terrible syntax. If you really want to start out with something .NET I would suggest C#. Otherwise C++ is a good choice and it's not as difficult as most people say it is.