Variable Rate Refresh on Monitors

I got into PC gaming a few years ago as I watched a college friend of my playing Skyrim on a beautiful 1080p monitor at like 100 some odd hertz through his (brand new at the time) GTX 770. I had put almost 300 hours into Skyrim through my Xbox at 30 fps and considerably reduced graphics and was absolutely blown away at how much better it looked through his setup. Literally jaw drop at how detailed and smooth it was!

Anyway, I've never gamed at 1440p and do not think I've ever even seen gaming at 1440p. I'm a simple man--I just love things that look absolutely great as referenced above. But I don't like to spend my hard earned dollars (even though I've got quite a few more of them than I did back in college) on hardware that has only marginal visual increases.

Is it worth my cash to upgrade to a 1440p monitor with G-Sync?
Or am I better served sticking to my stellar framerates with 1080p, 144 hz setup?

P.S I have a GTX 980 TI to take advantage of 1440p I just want to know if it's worth my money to upgrade to 1440p with variable rate refresh technology (I've never actually gamed at that resolution and technology before).

PC Setup:
Skylake 6700k
Asus Z170-A
Gigabyte GTX 980ti
8 gb x RipJaws V 2400 RAM
750 watt, corsair 80plus gold power supply
Hyper 212 Evo Cooler
250 GB Samsung SSD

IMO, and probably someone more qualified can answer better than me:
1440p is prettier than 1080p...duh. But is it worth the cost if you are a froogle man? Eh...I'd save a few bucks and wait.
Honestly, past 1080p, I would prioritize higher refresh rate over the high pixel density. I prefer the tighter control feeling the higher frame rate offers.
However, I personally wouldn't do G-sync if I were to do 1440p. Contradictory to what I just posted; I don't play competitive games and having that 1:1 response isn't 100% necessary to me, so I would just go with standard ol' v-sync, even if it isn't quite the best option; it's cheap though. Free, usually.
There is free-sync with display port 1.2a (I think - correct me if I am wrong) which offers the same thing G-Sync does but is not proprietary to Nvidia.

I had the wrong version of DP - forgive me, for I am merely a peasant.

It really depends on how much you're trying to spend on a monitor. If you can justify dropping $600+ you wind up with a panel that ticks every box, 1440p, 144hz, plus variable refresh tech of your choice.

I upgraded to the Asus MG279Q earlier this year, and coming from a 27", 1080p, 60hz panel, it feels like a totally different experience. Games at 2560x1440 are gorgeous, and a 144hz refresh rate combined with AMD Freesync makes games a much smoother, more lifelike and immersive experience. The adaptive sync eliminates both the screen tearing from rendering faster than the refresh rate, as well as the choppiness from running too far below it. It also puts an end to the input lag that using traditional v-sync can cause.

But what it really comes down to is if it's worth it to you. It's hard to visualize what a monitor looks like when you've only read about it or seen pictures. Maybe try to find a local store that has a screen you're interested in as a display model? Microcenter had most of their high-end gaming monitors on display, if there's one in your area.

Yeah there's a Microcenter just under an hour away. I'll have to take a trip there and see. Thanks for the info.

I wouldn't go with Gsync (though this is just my personal preference). I don't like being bogged down to one manufacturer (particularly when that comes at a much higher cost). An equivalent freesync panel will be at least 100USD less than the Gsync.

On top of that, if Nvidia would like to implement DP 1,2a, they must implement Freesync, as Intel did. It is part of Display Port standard now...

I'd stick to saving money with free-sync, as if you were to go for a 1440p IPS 144hz display you save like 150 bucks there, then just sell the 980ti when polaris comes out, but that's just the economical approach. Or just trade someone with a Fury X potentially

Free-sync near $600

G-sync $750 it is 165hz, but it's doubtful that it would matter like at all to see those few extra frames over saving money

As for 1080p 144hz TN displays, you still save $100 with
free-sync $259

G-sync $379

There is even cheaper AOC 1080p freesync...
The one in your link us 2460, and there is 2260, that is the same, just 21,5"...
Currently in Newegg 149$

That one ain't 144hz though.