Vapour Compression

Hello everyone,

I have recently started looking at the idea of using a Vapour Compression refrigeration unit to cool a PC and was wondering if anyone here has any experience in the area.

At the moment my system is running a water loop, with the CPU and GPU block's running in series with the radiators, so I have a bit of experience with setting the piping and other components up.

The main questions I have are;

Can the blocks I have installed currently (XPSC RayStorm CPU Block, EK FC7950 GPU Block) be co opted to work for a phase change cooling system?

Aside from making sure the pipes are properly insulated to prevent condensation from threatening exposed components, what other precautions would need to be taken to ensure the safety of the system?

Considering that the cooling effect is from the phase change, clearly the blocks cannot be run in series with each other, so would I be able to set it up to cool both the CPU and the GPU? (It has been suggested to me that it may be possible to run two loops in parallel using the venturi effect of the vapour through the pipes, but I'm not sure how to set that up.)

Whilst I know that such a system is a little excessive, I am still interested in seeing if it is possible, and building it if it turns out to be.

Thanks to anyone who can give me information or advice.