I was recently introduced to Blank Banshee

And the first thought I had was "Wow, its walmart crystal castles". I like it...? But its not as good as say....

Crystal Castles - 2

Com Truise - In Decay

Little People - Mickey Mouse Operation

Also, in some cases, Justice - Audio, Video, Disco

Now before everyone shits in my lap, I just want to say Hi-Fi, "Medium"-Fi, and Lo-Fi have been labeled genre's for YEARS. It takes a certain style of synth, that light and vapid sound, and some Kleptophonics to be in these genre's. So, what the hell is vaporwave supposed to be? Near as I can tell its just Hi-Fi with macintosh and windows ME plastered all over the place like a drug addict having a mental break down in the Computerium Historium in Germany... Or was it england? Europe.

Meh? It gets a meh from me. Its trying to be something that doesn't exist.

Oh and before anyone asks, Macintosh Pro is just badly done Kleptophonic-Centered Hi-Fi.

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I like crystal castles! Celestica is great.
About some bloke that jumped into a silo of molten plastic innit?


I love vaporwave! You have to check out Telepath's album Beyond Reality, it's my favorite, it has everything I expect to hear from vaporwave. It has a blue album cover with a reflection of an Asian girl.

I'm at work now so I will post more later.

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Yeah. The one thing I never liked about CC is they always try to take something depressing as fuck and make it interesting. 2 is about a little girl that went through a car crash, lost her parents, and live with it with everyone around her always talking about it. Its cool that they try to put the emotion of the character at hand into it more than the general image, example being that Celestica is, yes, about a guy jumping in a factory silo, she basically just sees it as another thing on the news. As shit goes in the songs get more and more violent showing what she has been thinking about. Its neat, but figuring out the whole thing makes it really depressing 3:

I have been listening to the album for a while, can you tell? :D I could do album Synopsis on the forum.... Hmmmm. Should I?


this thread needs you

For me, vaporwave is all about a sense of whimsical sarcasm. The whole genre pokes fun of this idea floating around in the 80's and 90's that we achieved this kind of corporate or economic utopia. It makes a joke out of the luxurious life style of American pop culture back then and it does this in a way that was never meant to be taken seriously. I hope this chart may help you:

Can't post the full image here, it's way too big. I havent listened to everything on here but I would recommend A4, A8, B6, B9, C1, C10, F1-5, J6, M10, O7, P10. Also this:

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couldn't agree more.

honestly i just love how much of a vibe a good vaporwave song/album can give off. i've yet to have an experience anywhere else that can mesmerize me in one song and have me terrified in another.

i recommend these if you want to trip out and experience a story:

2 8 1 4 is a big favorite of mine as of late.

Also Blank Banshee is coming out with new tracks as the time goes on

So far Frozen Flames and Meteor Blade are out.

Also if you are somewhat interested in the history and origin:

since it's largely internet driven and nobody can decide if it's a joke or not, i would imagine the drive to innovate is a bit low.

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/r/vaporwave has a lot of neat shit. would recommend.