Vanlife computer videos?

I just had a random thought. I am going to build my van up a bit to be liveable, right?

One of my thoughts for my channel was, hey, Tarkov is fun right? And theres recycle centers around here that have lots of shitty gpus around. What if I t ried shit gpus out for a game that can almost run on a pentium D? Do a high stakes thing?

Well I don’t want to be a tarkov channel. If you go to my channel, either you need help, want to learn something, or enjoy watching someone suffer. Genuinely I do not want to be another cable channel you skip thru.

So new thought. Sure I’ll post van videos and shit, but what if I try different PC configs with all sorts of different hardware? Show like why you want small instead of a tower, etc. i know a lot of ppl are living in vans and rvs right now, what do y’all think?

Curious i see you mentioning about video editing, content creation and videos quite a lot but never seen a link or seem to find what you make, and due to your old HW it seems like it would be a cool place to look at, got any links or is the channel and videos for a future endeavor?


Right now I am in planning stages and trying to get solid ideas first. I don’t want to just post random bs. With that, I also need to figure out what I actually need hardware wise, which is a bit up and down atm.

I have a youtube channel you can sub to but theres not really anything there yet. Just search Aremis and I’ll pop up.

I’m not sure you understand how this youtube thing works.


Lol I am aware but I want a video to have a point when I post it. Not just ‘Today I made a drone pick up a pizza in japan and deliver it’

While that would be neat, its about as helpful as the 2 and a half hour video from tom scott watching the whole video feed of garlic bread go to the ionosphere.

For example, I would stream fucking with haddware for the L1 Laptop Project and cut up a vod showing what I think is important about that hardware for that project.

If I do anything with soldering, could be board repair could be screwing with my van, I want to be able to show a lot of detail like louis rossman does but have adrian black’s level of explaining something to people, while doing whatever I am doing.

I have a clump of things I want to do, I just want things down pat first. Maybe I should do a poll thread and see what people think about diff video ideas?

While I am doing all if this I am also balancing real life stuff so I’m not constantly doing this shit like other ppl are lol. Though I am currently in the position to dump a near unlimited amount of effort into starting this, so its been on my mind a lot.

Maybe I will keep looking around yt, look at my goals and what I need to do, and plan from there. I will probably have a poll for later.

You’re talking about something like this [High level, that is]:
Louis Rossman / Gamers Nexus – Tier of detail / methodics
RandomgaminginHD / Budget Builds Official – Low-dated spec but making it usable
Tech Yes City / Tech Cemetery / Greg Salazar –
Revitalizing of severely-unkempt / damaged tech

Guess you’re talking up a mini-series, on Desktop HW but making it Mobile:
Optimizing for overall power draw of system, when affixed to Generator/Car/etc.
Assessing PC Combinations, for various role(s) [limiting either by tech era / budget]
Attempting to wrangle any ergonomics / thermal limitation(s)
And more- #butwaittheirsmore

… You are gonn’ conjure up, some sweet sweet misfittery, right?

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You got the idea yeah lol. But no police. I don’t nedd to be arrested for wardriving.

Ok I have some thoughts going then