Valve - @Microsoft we stream too

I thought it was kinda funny when I saw that valve quietly changed In-home streaming to be remote play in last nights patch notes for the steam client -

I can only think this is in response to the MS announcement of streaming games from your xbox. Or perhaps it’s the other way around? MS threw that in because they knew valve was working on this? /shrug Who knows. Either way it’s not going to work for 90% of users.

I’d like to say that until Valve steps into this streaming fad I won’t take it seriously, that it would be an indicator it’s become real competition for them, but… Valve has a track record lately of dabbling into things half-heartedly… Steambox, controller, VR… etc… and now I guess you can add this remote play feature.

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So now I do no longer have to Proxy back to home base and do some other trickery?

Very nice!

Edit: Question is: Will this work for non-steam games/programms added to Steam too? Will test tomorrow!

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I presume it’s bypassing any needed firewall tweaks as it’s using the steam servers as an intermediary. Non-steam? hmm… I dunno. Considering it’s using their servers it might require steam client integration to work? It would be cool if it did work.

Its more that latter, this feature has been in Beta long before Microsoft even announce their console Streaming and don’t forget Sony has also had this since basically day 1 of the PS4 with streaming over the internet to the PSVita and later smartphone and PC.

Maybe Steambox and the controller but Valve are very commited to VR and have been since the early days. Did you know a significant amount of the underline tech, research and development for both the Oculus and HTC Vive all came from Valve.

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lol, sorry I couldn’t resist throwing in VR just to tease fans. I mean they just recently released an updated headset right? I haven’t taken the VR plunge myself so I honestly haven’t kept up on all the news.

That reminds me though, whatever happened with the Bethesda/Zenimax suit against Oculus/Facebook? Last I remember hearing is that they were trying to go after Carmack for damages directly. I was reminded of all that when I saw a clip of Elon Musk and Todd Howard having a somewhat awkward conversation about Carmack. Had no idea the latter was involved in aerospace too.

ye the Index is a response to the Industry not pushing the tech fast enough so Valve took all their research and decide to make the best VR expierence the hardware can provide in a hope of pushing the tech and making it cheaper down the line.

Don’t know, honestly haven’t followed it much either.

It’s always been possible with various tricks, but so many people have a tough time getting a good experience inside their home due to crappy wifi that it seems like it would be really tough to make remote streaming work well.

Yup, easy enough to do with a VPN tunnel into your home network or various other means. My post was about their official support/solution for it. Yeah that’s because Wifi. With the exception of mobile devices it’s best to stick to wire, imo. Of course it’s not always possible for people renting or those that don’t have the time/skills/money to run cable drops in their home. The bigger issue will always be the upload speed of your connection as many residential plans (esp. cable) are asymmetrical. Ofc there are numerous other issues but it’s a moot point if you don’t have the bandwidth to handle the bitrate you want to stream at.

Yes, 1080p could run up to 35Mbps or so and many peoples’ residential connections don’t go that high, or are rated to go there but they’re on shared cable infrastructure so they aren’t consistent, and lack of consistency while streaming a videogame means you’re gonna have a bad time.

That’s when you break into the box on the street and yank the connections for the rest of the neighborhood. Nothing bad will happen. I’m sure it’s not a crime, and your neighbors won’t catch wind of it the 2nd or 3rd time I’m sure. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank god for fiber… though, that too is shared… /sigh

Fiber isn’t shared except at the trunk which is, well, fiber and thus very unlikely to ever constrain your speeds. I have gigabit fiber myself and have never seen a slowdown.

Connections that are over provisioned are over provisioned though? If they bring in a fiber connection into a neighborhood that has X bandwidth and they sell X*2 connections… then at peak usage… Well it really depends on the location and the ISP, but from my experience here it doesn’t matter which ISP, they clearly don’t have enough back haul.

Fiber is rarely overprovisioned because a cable the diameter of your pinky can carry a hilarious amount of data. Dark (unused) fiber is everywhere, the only problem is getting it to your house.

My bad then, I guess I was getting my memory crossed with FTTC/N… which is pretty much what the cable companies do. I guess my xp was just general throttling then.

/shrug. Current service is fine now that I moved to a business line. Though I had some headaches with unfulfilled promises under contract. They finally offered a mtm plan I switched to. It was mostly my fault as I let my guard down after having some good experiences with a provider through work. I would have used them but they were bought out. Rest in pieces the communication companies with good customer service that the old guard destroy/gobble up for disrupting their market.

What was half hearted about the controller? It is pretty amazing whatnit can do and it works with just about every mainstream controller and a lot of generics too.

Half hearted reception then? Even if it was amazing it got some negative reviews that curbed adoption. I honestly never tried it myself. But then I’m not really a controller guy in the first place.

That is fair, it is a shame it was not taken up more but then you can use it will anything so all it needs is visibility. It is incredibly powerful as a tool with the configuring.

I have the steam controllers too and I love them though there is annoyances with them, but that said they are my favourite controllers abover everything else.

Tested one. Not bad for a controller :stuck_out_tongue:
The touchpads are amazing though.

Might have to buy one (because I lost my logitech gamepad at some point in the last 5 years).

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Blink I thought the steam controller got discontinued, but clearly I got it mixed up with something else… Oh, was it the streaming boxes? If so maybe it was because they needed different hardware for remote play to work? Or it could be that they’re just taking the mobile angle through software.

The little HDMI USB thing got discontinued, the controller is “needed”* to use your phone/tablet as a streaming target.

*Not really needed, but you got to control the game somehow.