Validity of SSD recommendation to friend

My friend is in the market for an SSD and he told me that he wants a 256 GB SSD

He isn't very strong in tech knowledge either.

He tells me he was looking into a samsung SSD because "Samsung" cant really go wrong with a brand he knows and trusts already, but I just said they're alright.

I tried steering him to a AData, Corsair ,or Kingston because they're both known for focusing on computer tech/memory and definitely not refurbished cause who knows how much life it will have in it.

Was my recommendation just random bias I picked up or do I actually have some foothold on this?

Samsung makes something like 90% of all flash memory on the planet. Samsung is a good choice because they can keep the best chips for themselves. There's more to it that  just the memory of course but Samsung is a good brand for ssds.

Samsung, IMO, makes some of the best SSDs you can buy. Plus they make a lot of the flash that other manufacturers use in their SSDs. Their controllers are very good, better than SandForce, and their SSD Magician software is quite good too.

I have used many an 840 Evo. They have all been superb. Problem is they can be a little expensive. Some of Samsung's 120GB SSDs cost as much as others 240GB models. 

Kingston's higher end models are okay- like the HyperX 3k but stay away from the Fury and SSDNow! drives. They use subpar flash and are prone to failure. Same with ADATA the more expensive drives are good others not so much. Corsair? Meh. OCZ is now owned by Toshiba. i can't say much about their current SSDs but their previous models were piles of ass and failure. I'd never buy one of their's again. SanDisk is okay too. Not that fast though but cheaper.

intel ssds are the best choice from what I found they are the only company that have drives designed to survive a power cut in the middle of a file transfer. that only applies to the Intel SSD DC S3000 Series though. but they are one of the only companies I've seen that offer a 5 year warranty on 120gb drives.

still you can't get a better deal then the SanDisk Extreme PRO series which have a 10 year warranty.  but if you want performance any drive with a Indilinx(aka bearfoot) controller is usually alot faster then the controllers samsung use in their drives.

Thanks guys

Loves and hugs! (and beer)