Vaio Z 2015 : A RMBP inside a MBA with convertible features

If this doesn't interest you , I don't know what will. Vaio Z is a new , criminally under looked convertible pc by the new Vaio Corporation. I have a review up if you want to check that out.

vaio aways made nice looking laptops, problem is they always cheaped out somewhere they shouldnt have, lets hope they learned their lesson

That's what hey are saying now
.no more cheap stuff only executive and high end models but expensive.

I tried to figure out where they cheaped out with this one but I can't. All they need to do to make this a perfect convertible is to make it available in the U.S. and make the screen slightly less reflective.

I don't blame them. I maintain that the cheap laptops were what killed Vaio. Cheap laptops ruined Vaio's reputation and they didn't have the resources to compete with Dell / Lenovo/ HP.

as long as they stay in the high end market they will do well it seems, hopefully they make their products available globally

I know they are releasing the Vaio Z Canvas in the U.S. and Brazil but the Vaio Z is a better machine for most people (imo)

yeah, looks too much like a surface to me, the z is def better

I think its a bit better than a surface because of the beastly specs. Core i7 Quad core with iris pro is nothing to sneeze at in a tablet that small.

the VAIO brand is in my opinion one of the most under-rated brands to exist. then again, i think the reason why they didn't do so well is cause they skimp out in the most annoying of places.

A lot of people say that but I didn't notice anything like that with the Z. Vaio did this a lot with their midrange products which is probably why everyone says this.

Like for example, when Sony owned the VAIO brand, they used to skimp out on battery alot, which was annoying. Or one model didn't have an active digitizer, little things.

I'm really glad that the Vaio Z has 10-15 hours of battery life. I thought they were going to skimp out on this one as well.

great, amazing notebook, my only beef with it would be: no dGPU, and no Ubuntu option

that and the price. it's steep as shit. $1600 to $2199 is not worth it.

if it had a dGPU, even the one that ships on rmbp, i wouldn't have bother with the price

Nice review. If/when you do a review in the future, try to include more shots of the whole thing from further away. It was a bit hard to distinguish features when half of the thing is out of focus.

Also, think of putting some royalty free music in the background.

Thanks for the tips , that was my first laptop video review and my last video. I usually have a ton of macro shots with headphone reviews so I tried to do the same with this review.

The problem is then the battery life would be terrible + heat issues. The main draw of the Vaio Z is that balance of battery life and specs.

It's a high end notebook and has a high end price. I think $1,300 usd should be the base price if it ever comes to the US. Having paid 2,200 for my model , core i7 256gb ssd 8gb ram , I think it's worth it. There are better "value" models as always but Vaio Z is for those people that want the best of the best.