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VA vs IPS monitor choice


I have literally a choice between two identical monitors:
32" 75Hz 1440p Freesync.
One of them is 100 euros used, the other is 200 euros new.
Is the IPS worth spending twice the money?
AOC Q3279VWF and Q3279VWFD8 are the two monitors I am looking at by the way.



Not in my opinion.

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What are you planning to use it for?
Gaming, casual browsing, programming, etc.?

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Basically everything…
Media consumption, eventually some youtube videos maybe, if not - gaming…
Nothing crazy demanding. I have glasses for somewhat eye care, though I’m not sure if they work…



Can you go for the cheaper one now, and save the difference for the 4K monitor you will buy?



RX480… No 4K…




Okay okay… I have 1440, but only 60hz, so will soon be jealous of your fancy new set up

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Well kinda hard to tell, because this is basically a personal choice.
We don’t have the same eyes, and i personally have not used a VA panel myself.
But it seems that VA panels have coma a long way.
But i personally still prefer a better quality AH ips panel.
Of course wenn you like great color reproduction and viewing angle’s are important,
then a decent quality ips panel is great in that regards.
However not every ips panel is from the same quality,
So that is definitely something to keep in mind.
Also color calibrations differ from brand to brand sometimes.
Even if the internal panels are the same.

Wenn it comes to buying a monitor is generally better to visualy check them out.
I cannot really speak for a VA panel.
The only real downside that i personaly notice with my AH-ips panel is a bit of backlight bleed.
But my monitor by now is already 5 years old.
I suppose that they have improved on that as well now days.

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I have a VA. Im considering getting an IPS so i can get accurate ‘solid’ looking colors. i.e not the floaty 3d looking image caused by your eye seeing slightly difference colors due to shift. However the black level on VA is amazing, any dark content or content with borders is 100% with no backlight bleed for me. For instance, if you have ever played the game ‘enter the gungeon’ and hit the pause menu where it is silhouetted white outlined text on a black background, everything black is total darkness like silk, doesn’t feel any different from a plasma in that regard… no edge glow or bleed.

My solution is just to buy an IPS for content creation / coding and reading and use the VA for movies & games where that 3D ‘pop’ and depth is welcome.

(regarding the 3D look, on my panel i can have blue and red next to each other and it has an anaglyph look i.e stereo 3d… so sometimes icons look like they are floating lol)

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If ips was crt quality maybe

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Even CRT aren’t CRT quality anymore.
My trusted ViewSonic CRT 19" monstrousity from way back in the 2000s have died after it colors faded away.

My question is do you guys and girls think a simple IPS upgrade is worth double the price…



It depends on your use case. VA sits inbetween TN and IPS, In some ways i find my VA worse than my TN panel. If you value having no backlight bleed and want a high contrast use VA. If you value more primary colors as opposed to more pastel looking colors on VA or more washed out colors compared to TN then go IPS, but be aware of the lower contrast. (btw VA still has backlight glow, not sure if many HDR zones fixes this)

Personally, i don’t think buying any LCD screen with backlight bleed is acceptable and 90% of IPS have it in spades and look terrible. as they forgo a TW-Polarizer.

Id say the above reflects my experience.

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My opinion is still a firm no. If you want a more serious upgrade, wait a while until you have more money to spend on a monitor that you will definitely be satisfied with.

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Well, a 100 euro 1440p monitor with Freesync is more than satisfactory for me. I can barely find 1080p 22" monitors with freesync, and I am now talkin 1440p 32"…

I think I’m just gonna get the VA monitor…

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If you need the color grading sure I guess.

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I really don’t… I’m fine with my current TN…



then why buy a new monitor xd

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Honestly - freesync…
1440p and 32" is massively better than 22" 1080p, but freesync and 75" mainly…



my earlier comment stands

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And you’ll be more than happy with it. Especially at that price.