V Sync?

Sorry, this might be a stupid question, but I've seen a few people complaining about V Sync and I was just wondering what the problem they have with it is, I personally don't have a problem with it but I would like to know.



Vsync is basically framelimiting. 

Don't know what people would have against it. Its a must to prevent screen tearing.

Not always, some games try to bring the framerate to either 60 or 30 fps. Unfortunately what happens when youd get 50-60 fps is that the game cant decide if you should get 30 or 60 and your framerate jumps around like crazy while being way lower than without vsinc on.

Nvidia's Adaptive Vsync works like a charm if you can't quite hold 60fps in a game, and you hate screen tearing...

Also, another limitation of Vsync: limiting to screen refreshes inserts an extra 16-33ms of input lag, which can be felt easily in shooters. 

If what Rolling Potatoe said is true I could uderstand people not liking it, but I've never come across that problem before.


Thanks for the replies

Crappy build then.  Never seen it myself though.

So. Just like any other Vsync then.

(Can't keep 60fps in GTA4, had tearing, turned on Vsync, works like a charm, no Nvidia, don't see what the big woop is, some elaboration is in order)

Yup, input lag, some apparently have more issues with it than others though, I myself have never felt a difference, but it actually is there. I only start noticing some lag in aiming when I'm below 40fps, but down to 30 is still very much playable for me, 40 or up is noticably better, but 60 doesn't seem to make a difference for me even if I could get 120 in that game.

Interesting though. Back in Q3 I knew a lot of people were using maxfps 60 setting which is basically the same as Vsync. Not sure if it's technically the same (input lag related that is).

Adaptive Vsync turns Vsync on and off depending if the framerate is above or below your refresh rate.  If it's below, it turns off without so much as a stutter - so smoothness is maintained, although you may get frame tearing until you're back up to the refresh rate.

For example, in Prince of Persia and the Mass Effect games, I can't maintain >60fps at all times, so there's a palpable slowdown when there's a big view if just plain Vsync is on.  With Adaptive Vsync, you just see a little tearing, no stutters in the motion (important for platforming in PoP).


I haven't encountered issues with having  Vsync on on lower fps than 60 myself, so it sounds a bit odd. But you turn Vsync on to get rid of tearing, isn't it annoying then when it still tears?