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UWP compatible WindowsGraphicsCapture API?

So, OBS just got Win32 and UWP cross compabile WindowsGraphicsCapture in version 27.

How remotely likely is this to be put into Looking Glass? Never because it’s a UWP subsystem protected by Windows? or maybe because it’s a common API? (except if you stripped away all UWP apps)

I will need to read into it, but at this time not likely as LG was never designed with the goal of per application capture in mind.

Well, OBS uses it for desktop capture, and it’s 100% UWP framework dependent as evidenced by it not working in a version of Windows with UWP completely removed.

Looking at this further I honestly do not see the point for our project as it’s literally just another abstraction on top of the existing DXGI Desktop Duplication API, as such will add overheads.

Ah, so it’s an adapter layer for DXGI which it’s only advantage is UWP compatibility?

The OBS dev team said it’s helpful for cross-GPU capture on bare metal. Which doesn’t apply on Looking Glass, correct?

This API is architecture agnostic, ie, Windows RT. Seeing as we don’t care to capture mobile devices as our goal is to integrate a standard x86_64 guest there is no need for such an API to be used.

If at some point in the future we need to target such an arch, it’s still not likely this API will be used as we already have the agnostic capture interface available allowing us to go to bare metal if available.

So in essence, it would be an inefficient capture method specifically pertaining to Looking Glass.

Windows on ARM would also not be a focus since ARM ROM BAR for GPUs (at least on Apple Silicon) just isn’t there yet. May be different for the Cavium servers, but I have no experience there.

Being ARM it’s not interesting to this project either. Running an ARM guest on x86_64 has no hardware acceleration, it’s 100% emulated as such performance will be terrible anyway. Until the world moves to ARM or some other architecture there is zero interest in adding such support here.