Utterly confused

I am on a tight budget so,

Should i get i7 4770k or i7 4790 non "k".

This build would be used for music production that is cpu intensive task and sone games.

I have amd R9 toxic 270x for video.

Maximus vi hero board.

And another thing,

Currently I'm getting 22" monitor and wd black 1tb.

But i also like some more workspace on 24" inch hd panel and wd blue 500gb.

I would like to know your opinions for what would you do if you were in my kinda situation.

What do you have already?

What do i have,

Amd r9 toxic 270x 

Haf xb

Kingston fury 1866 8 gb

750w cooler master psu

And do you already have that motherboard? The only reason to get a "K" part is if you are wanting to overclock. So if you don't want to overclock then you can save the money and get the regular 4790.

A  i7 4790 is pretty much a pre overclocked i7 4770k depends if you whant to overclock or not (the none k has a locked multiplier so no overclocking)

Why not get an i5? Plenty of power for your needs. Equal to the i7 in gaming.


Tight budget? Gaming? no reason to get an i&, nab up a 4690, with a cheap non-OC motherboard (h-97), and enjoy power without spending a ton of money.


^- i5-4690 and cheapest H97 mobo with m.2 support


^- Xeon E3-1230 V3 / same mobo...

I don't think music production would warrant 8 threads... but if you want cheap hyperthreading, there it is...