Using Sandy+Ivy bridge Supermicro X9SCL-F motherboard for VFIO?

Hey, has anyone here used an old E3-Xeon 1155 board for VFIO for GPU passthrough?

I got it to sort of work with an SM Q67 Sandy Bridge (IOMMU registered, but the GPU passthrough was hit or miss - was using a GT 750Ti) on OpenSUSE about 2.5 years ago. That generation of motherboards is one generation older than the X9SCL-F (a very common board).

I have an old X9SCL-F I am thinking about throwing an AMD GPU in (I have a couple that work with MacOS) so I can do a VM-Hackintosh. Guessing Fedora is probably the most up-to-date codebase considering QEMU-KVM is a RedHat division, but I haven’t kept up on it - would I be correct?

If anyone has any experience doing GPU passthrough on an SM board w/ Linux would love to hear from you. Thanks!

X79 and Ivy Bridge-E has been good for me in terms of VFIO.

agreed … x79 and x99 are some of the best “cheap” chipsets out there for VFIO.

but that supermicro board is something I’d avoid. it’s based on Intel’s “low end” server chipset, where as x79 and x99 are HEDT chipsets. C202 is just awful.

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I’m noticing my Coffee Lake laptop was super easy to do VFIO with. Whether or not it’d be easy to do GPU passthrough is another question, but I might be able to try a thunderbolt enclosure or something lol

But it definitely bodes well for a cheap coffee lake desktop board. I mean, seriously, it was dead simple. Especially after what I went through with the C202 and Q67 boards!

Maybe my perspective is just forever ruined … :wink: