Using multi finger mouse for productivity

So, I am deciding to either get the Mionix Avior 7000, or Naos 7000 in the future, and I am thinking which one would be better for productivity? I mean for gaming the Naos is may more comfortable, but more/less/or same efficent for productivity? For music, video, or picture editing? What do you guys at teksyndicate, and what do you guys in the community prefer, find more prductive? A mouse with 2 fingers needed, or with ring finger, and little finger included?



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This came up in latest so I'm leaving it. Not my fault I say :D

As many buttons as you can control accurately. I find that more than 3 thumb buttons is slower than many keystrokes. Your workflow has to be balanced between the dexterity of both hands. Putting all your eggs in one basket isn't necessarily the goal.

The usefulness of either will be translated. If you can't recognize all the available buttons on a device in a given program, work around it by replacing the bindings within the driver to mimic un-used keystrokes from your keyboard. Right-Cntrl, Right-Shift, ect... Then when you create hotkeys you're not limited to recognized devices.

As far as ergonomics go. The basic placement is this:

  • Thumb - Light contact over/bottom of buttons for location.
  • Index - fast as lightening MB1; re-mapped sensitivity switches for added hotkeys.
  • Middle - center tip of middle over scroll wheel. Scroll+MB3 is necessary and needs it's own full time-finger.
  • Ring - MB2 only. very low dex without moving pinky.
  • Pinky - firm back pressure for thumb button presses.

Additionally, the thumb, pinky, and palm all trade contact with the mouse pad while braking and add control by accurately dampening movement within the pocket they create.

This translates from a $40k CAD seat to your favorite AAA game. Another thing to note is that depending on how vested you are in the field you may want to look into specialized peripherals like Wacom Tablets or a 3Dconnextion Space Pilot that would greatly reduce the need for a heavy lifting mouse.

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Personally I use the Logitech G600 and love the options it gives me. I don't always use all its thumb buttons; however, the third mouse button make it my go to mouse for both productivity and gaming. It does have enough buttons to use the thumb pad as a number pad though. It depends on what your needs are, I use a lot of programs that are heavily reliant on the mouse and having 12 programmable buttons on my mouse is very convenient for common shortcuts. If you don't use that many shortcuts then I would recommend something with more easily accessed buttons, like the Logitech G502 or something similar.

As for "this came up in latest". I have not been active here, or watched many videos in the last year. o.O I had good reasons, a month didn't pass where I was not thinking once about this place/forum/or the guys from TS :D^^. What do you exactly mean with it came up latest? Sorry, maybe my brain confuses me^^ :P. Thanks for your thorough post, I went the cheap route and bought myself (the topic was from january 11 2014^^ :D) the ec technology 4000 dpi (has the avago adns 3090A sensor, so I grabbed it) for 20 €. Cheap as hell, but it gives what it says. I think the drivers are making the sonsor worse, but I gotta test around to confirm it. Looks like an illness of kind of all mice^^. I was surprised seeing feedback for this after this amount of time^^. Thanks :)