Using DHCP from a router instead of DHCP on WDS

I'm working on trying to setup windows deployment services. What I am trying to do is use DHCP from my router to PXE boot instead of using the DHCP Services on Windows Server 2003. I don't have a normal router, but I have a Dell Dimension 2400 with IPFire on it as the OS. How can I get that setup?


Using two seperate windows server machines, one running PXE/WDS and the other DHCP. Providing they are within the same network subnet/area/VLAN/Domain. Then no additional setup past telling the PXE server where the local DHCP server is, is required.

However, using a linux based DHCP server (aka the router), I'm not sure and this thread suggests that you've tried and this has not worked.

I presume you will require to setup your router to forward broadcasts.

It is outlined in here, I know this is in reference to Windows server 2008. But the princibles are similar.

I can't think of much more atm, but give the broadcast forward a go and see if that works. Best of Luck

I found this information on makeuseof, and one linked to the Funtoo wiki for setting up PXE which has a link to .  These last two are for Linux, but I'm going to go on a limb and say they're similar concepts and might provide clues to how to get it to work.  Hopefully this helps.