Using an M.2 GPU for linux, passing larger dGPU to a gaming VM?

Hey there. I’m looking at building a new system, and I want to go Ryzen3000 for it, however, I’ve wanted to run Linux on my desktop for a long time, but can’t because of some of the games I play. Rainbow 6 siege being a major one.

I want to go mITX for my new build, so will only be able to fit one conventional GPU in, but thought to myself. Maybe there’s an M.2 formfactor GPU, and there is. I found the Innodisk EGPV-1101. It’s a bit too expensive for my taste (~120 USD), but was wondering if there were similar solutions that people were aware of? something in the 50-80 usd range. Thanks :slight_smile:

(I’d link it but I can’t put links in posts)

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Sorry about that mate, it’s to prevent the spammers.

Is this the link you wanted?

Alternatively, you could just remove the “.” in the .com and throw in some spaces. People will get the idea.

Oh I’m aware it’s to avoid spammers, it’s fine :slight_smile: With the model number it’s the first google result. It is indeed that :slight_smile:

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Interesting, never knew these existed.

But have you considered a -G series Ryzen?

I know… only 4 cores, but with the inbuilt Vega 8/11 GPU i suspect you’d get better performance than the m.2 thing (even for desktop compositing i suspect), it’s less obscure and likely to be better supported?

Will likely be cheaper too.

But i get it if you need more than 4 cores.

I can’t recommend going itx at all, so not going itx would be my choice and easy fix for the problem! :slight_smile:

You could also go with one of those m.2 to pcie adapters or mpci for wifi-cards that those laptop people use sometimes.
Getto-rigg external GPU enclosure …

But why go ITX in that case? …

There are rather small “normal” GPUs that you could maybe fit inside of your case with an adapter.

I can’t recommend going itx at all

I’m currently using full tower case, and I’m tired of the size and weight of it (it’s 24kg all together) I want to go with something like a Fractal Design Nano S, which granted isn’t small, but is mini-itx. In my current PC which is from 2011, I still haven’t used anything I couldn’t have done on mITX. I have 1 GPU 16GB of ram, and 4 hard disks (2SSDs 2 rust)

But have you considered a -G series Ryzen?

Briefly, but I want the extra threads for streaming / rendering / compiling things.

I’d like to run linux on my desktop, but I’m not super passionate about it. I have synergy and my laptop running fedora, which is what I currently use if I need something linux specific. It’d just be nice if it was possible.

When I saw that it was an actual product, I just thought of Wendel doing a funky build with it :slight_smile:

Uh-oh… I’m going to ask if you are willing to go with an Intel setup. A 9600k or 9700k has a decent enough iGPU and you could pair that with whatever discreet GPU that you want.

Heh. I considered it, but I really want to go with AMD for now. I really like what they’re doing, and want to support that :slight_smile:

My backup plan is just to wait for google stadia and similar ventures to drive interest in gaming on linux. Or for my interest-in/time for gaming to dwindle when I’m done with uni.

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I completely agree. No harm no foul. I run a Threadripper system with an rx580 in it myself. I’m definitely an AMD fan, but I saw your problem and suggested an alternative solution. Hope everything works out for you. Let us know what you wind up doing.

Currently in a similar situation, take a look at this thread over at the “build a PC” forum:

Starting to also consider the Node 202 more seriously. It’s a less ideal form factor, but it does support a bigger GPU.