Using a bridge camera as a webcam?

As per title really.
I have the Panasonic lumix fz82 bridge camera and when I’m not using it I think it would be great as a webcam for streaming.
Thing is I cant seem to get it to function as a webcam.
When connected via usb I can put it in pc mode in which case I just get the memory card as a drive and the camera is just passed through.
When connected in pictbridge mode the camera installs and shows up as a device but basically I get the same functionality as in pc mode but with a camera icon

Using w10 pro


The thing with using dslr’s as a webcam is the image processor can overheat inside the camera and can lead to premature failure or just flat out stop working after x ammount of time until it cools off, so it’s not advised to use them as such.

with that being said, I dont see a hookup like miniHDMI on it or anything like that(quick google search, didnt look that hard), so my best guess is you probably can’t and better off making a quick trip to Walmart

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You will want to get a HDMI capture device and use the HDMI out from the camera. USB Webcams use specific protocols built into windows to natively show up as a webcam or require special drivers. So it is not a given that your stills camera can convert over to a webcam via USB even though it can record video.