Using a 750TI as a replacement card for my 980TIs

I'm using a 750Ti as my replacement for 980TIs I sold to get the 1080. and man its going to hard to let it go. I'm going to give it to my little bro. and this thing is amazing for a 100 dollar card. its decently fast. it can play Far Cry 4 at ultra at 20-40FPS 1080p haven't tested GTA V but this thing is kicking ass. and its quiet and doesn't make my room feel like a sauna. lol plays Kerbal and Minecraft pretty well to. I think I might even use it as a PhysX card :P

Wouldn't recommend that. The 1080 would be waiting for the 750 Ti all of the time.

I think I might even use it as a PhysX card :P

Do any games even use that anymore? It ended up being really gimmicky.

Batman Arkham Knight uses it... AC Unity have some coding for it... Metro series use some basic physx... I think Project CRAPS have some physx...

Project CRAPS

Uhhhh... wat?

Project Cars... I think it have some physx coding in it as well as aggressively ginormous amount of tessellation...

as a general rule of thumb any game i play that has had the nvida touch i lock tessellation to x8. project cars runs amazing on a r9 290x at max setting with all options but motion blur turned on. will get you exact FPS numbers once i get my card back set it off on loan to some one who is considering the rx480 ( performance is so close that it is a good indication)

Wait you sold 2 980tis for a single 1080? Please tell me you have like a 4k display

I told you before I have triple 1080p

you made a bad decision

He really didn't. The perspective correction for the outer displays makes all the difference in that setup.

Are there any games that use SMP yet?

No idea. Don't even know if games have to.
Either way, it should be a fairly simple thing to add and it will be used everywhere because of VR.

Well gameworks isn't everywhere, and I'd imagine it'd be more that only games that have VR capability or are VR exclusive would use it

I though SMP was a driver thing

That is the question. I don't know.


It's part of VR works, and it's a series of APIs like gameworks seemingly

"Register for the GameWorks developer program to download the VRWorks Graphics SDK for application developers. "

I don't even care about VR really, but AMD's Affinity Multi-GPU for one GPU per Eye, makes a lot more sense to me for developers to utilize, as you could build stuff like SMP on top of it, and it can further lower the cost to entry

so ya, kind of screw as far as FOSS stuff goes if developers start to use it

it cant be if it works for multi monitor setups :P

I see, yeah that sucks. Thanks

yes, because a software feature that they're going to back port anyway, and will only be supported on select games, is 100% worth loosing money to get a slower GPU.