Using a 4k TV for PC?


So I've been considering the new offerings from Samsung and ASUS, and while they're really good for what they cost, I'd love to have a TV screen for a 4k monitor so I don't feel like I'm taking an eye exam when I work on my PC.

There are many 4k TVs but all of them are HDMI-only, and as we know, 30 Hz doesn't cut it.

Is there any (with Displayport?) PC 60 Hz compatible TVs out there, or are they coming? I can't seem to find any, but it may just be me.

I believe HDMI 2.0 or 1.2 or something does support 60Hz, i'll just go check.,27117.html

So it looks like you can get a sketchy 60Hz with HDMI *1.4 but waiting for a Display port or HDMI 2.0 TV would be better. Something I would expect to see next year, definitely not this one unfortunately..

Ah, that's a shame. But thanks for the replies!

Most 4k TVs are only 4k at 30Hz and 1080 at 60Hz. Not because of HDMI, but because of the TV's limitations.

I would expect to see 60Hz pretty soon seeing as those 1080p screens go up to 800Hz.. yes 2 zeros haha.

That's not a real 800Hz. In the TV world, it's kind of like a synthetic Refresh rate. Say that a consumer TV says it does 120Hz (for ease of explanation).

What really happens is the TV only runs at 60Hz, but it doubles every frame. So it flashes the screen twice with the frame being the same. So every second you get 120 flashes, but only 60 frames.

Same thing with higher tier "Hz". Thats why people dont go around gaming at 800Hz. Because it isnt really that high.

Ahhh so that's where the difference is.. It's annoying too coz my TV that is "200Hz" makes me feel sick because of all that extra flashing, if only there was a way to make it just do 60 :/

There should be some type of setting to lock it back to 60. I can't remember the setting my old TV had, but when you turned it off, and unlocked it, it made everything look like a soap opera. It was weird.

Just play around with the settings you're unfamiliar with. I'm sure one of them is what you're looking for.

Haha will do :)

What would the point of flashing frames at, for example, 800 Hz?

Marketing hype, mostly.

If they flash the screen at that rate, they can legally say that it runs at 800Hz. People eat that shit up, when it's really only running at 60FPS.

(FPS and Hz are not always the same thing)

yeah, what phantom said. they're basically lying to you.

Wow, that's really bad. Thanks for the insight!