USG/AP-Lite Alternatives for Home Bridge Mode


What are people’s opinions regarding Unifi alternatives below 200 USD? I personally have a USG and AP Lite, but I am trying to help a buddy source options. He doesn’t need all the features, but is considering buying something to avoid a subscription costs from his ISP. It should have basic firewall settings and be a router. Built in WIFI isn’t needed, but in the case it isn’t, he will need an AP.

Unifi is pretty cheap for the features and flexibility you get.

Mikrotik maybe?

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I saw Some Mikrotik stuff, but I basically took the stance with my buddy that if I help it needs to be Unifi. But I wanted to be sure that it’s basically the way to go. Thanks!

Maybe Ubu’s Amplifi line? It’s more for non-technical consumers, rather than small bus / enterprise.

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