Uses for spare HDD?

I have an extra 2.5 inch HDD from having upgraded my laptop HDD. It's 320GB and I have put it in an external USB 2.0 case.

What can i use this for? I already have one for backups.

What do you guys use your extra drives for?

it could be used as the boot/log drive in a cobbled pfsense box. probably not good for squid though.

my old drives typically get used for temporary fixes.

makes sense... I'm sure i'll find somewhere to use it, maybe in a new build of some sort. i have drives hooked up to me TVs/DVRs.

As a coaster...


if you run multiple os' it's nice to give as many a dedicated drive as possible

Backups for your backups. Redundancy is best.

was thinking of using it for an OS (i dual boot windows & Linux on one laptop), but i don't have a desktop computer (3 laptops!) at the moment, so it would be less than ideal to have my boot my OS drive externally.

At some point i'll swap out the failed optical drive on my macbook pro for a hard drive cradle. so that's an option. 

MadRussian1209, as for coasters, I'm using an old scratched DVD.

I have two old laptop drives laying on my bed almost permanently. One is 120gb and it is all music so that is sorted, the other is 320gb and is used for when I get curious and feel like some linux fun. I have a caddy for usb swapping them or just pop the side off the case and sata the 320 is the linux get any way permanent.