Uses for an old router?

First post here, got a question about routers. What's a good use for a router that's just sitting around? Does it really have much use?

I use them as extra access points. If you are just browsing the internet 802.11g is still workable. You can also use them for experimenting if you want to learn more about how networks are managed.

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You can use it as a gigabit switch if you need it. Or, if it's possible, you can install WRT on it and set it up as a wifi repeater. Last thing: keep it as an emergency backup router if your actual one gives up.

Sometimes I hang on to old tech for backup parts in case of failure. Otherwise I just give it to someone who can use it.

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What I do as well as a home user. Comes in handy to test when problems arise as well.

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Marten knows what's up : )