Uses for a dead cpu

my dad is a garbage man and he found a rip up laptop. the mobo had a socket so i took out the cpu. its a amd athlon. And neat or interesting things i could do with it. It is most likely fried so i did not bother seeing if it workes.

A shiny paperweight


keychain, paper weight

keep it in your pocket just incase someone challenges your 1337ness

Throw it in your spare parts drawer.

Cup holder, paperweight, necklace, earring, decoration. 

a box cutter.

use it in a coin toss?

Pins? Backscratcher.

Delid, clean IHS, drill a hole, wear as a necklace.  Crush the PCB to your heart's content.

melt the gold melt the gold ☺

A tiny cup holder (like the graphics card that Logan uses)

for a shot glass


stab people with the pins

It will be really hard for the police to find out what the weapon exactly is, until they find it XD.

Edit: If it would be a working CPU, I would just clean it with isopropanol, and build it into the system, instead of destroying it. Just for the lol's. (joke guys, I am nice)

Edit: "The CPU Killer"


you must be drinking from test tubes.

See if it works first!!!

you can turn it into a coffee warmer or one of those fance no flame candle melter thingies

Use it as a coaster for shot glasses.

Because using dead GPUs for coffee cup coasters is too mainstream.

implant it under your skin and get gangrene

I actually saw a household hackers video on that