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So last month i think it was, there was a topic on just making something. Well i couldn't find it to add this nor find a topic where we can just post stuff we made. Should there be such a thing, if this could be linked or moved or something by a mod that would be great.

Anyhow, i made this very short video in slow motion with my OnePlus2 and a table dolly, i really just wanted to see what it could do. I'm not that impressed but what was i expecting. I may do some more in normal video and explain my methods a little better.

Perhaps this video will work, this is my first topic and real post on this forum.


Couple .gifs I made a while back

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My magnum opus.

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An another video with slow motion.

Hes my dog, not a fish!

here is a music video i made a while back with adobe after effects.

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