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User avatars are 404ing



I have no idea then…


Next level traffic messaging. For only the winner.


Yup, and it has nothing to do with any browser plugins as far as i’m aware.


Yeah strange… wonder what it is on the back end?


Probably, since it’s started happening on all browsers I tried now.



We know what happened, we know how to fix it, but it requires an admin that can login to the host.


Something broke.

You have some idea that may or may not fix it, or it makes it worse.


No, I know exactly what happened and how to fix it. This is a known issue from several weeks ago, affecting pretty much every Discourse instance on the internet, and is fully documented. Moreover, I had the problem on the Discourse instance I myself administer and fixed it for my users the same day it came up.

Edit: Looks like they finally fixed it.


Looks fixed, and one might guess it was from your calm statement of the problem? Maybe they were thinking “Muh Uptime!”


It’s been fixed!


I liked to see first look wich users take the time to set their profile up.




:+1: :eyeglasses:


You can still do that. See a letter? They didn’t select an avatar.


Ayyyy! Good news abound!