Useing server ram?

I would like more memory in my computer and I can pick up older server ddr3 at PC3-8500 1066MHz for not much money at all, like $25 for 32gb. Of course it is ecc, something I don't really need but it is compatible with my motherboard and processor.

Is there some reason I should not use it? seems like a good idea

Down side is your ram will get downclocked to the lowest speed. It might work or might not depends if its registered ram or not and if you board will read it. Just throw it in and see if it works.

well its PC3-8500 so thats already as slow as you can get.

yeah but your other ram will have to be clocked down to that, that was my point.

I plant to replace my existing dimms with just the server stuff cuz 32gb is my systems limit

Throw a stick in and see if it will recognize it.

I know it will work, currently I have 8 gb of ram PC3-12800. So 32gb PC3-8500 seems like a step up too me, would anybody disagree?

If you need the more ram do it, if you don't then don't. Ram speed doesn't matter much except for new Ryzen cpus, but if you dont need the extra ram then faster would provide a slight edge but not anything noticeable.

Watch out if it is registered memory, those look the same but are electrically different.
Also check voltages and the memory support list of your board.

im lookin at two HMT42GR7BMR4C-G7 for $25

That is registered memory. Do you have a server board?