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Useful Tech Certs?



I had taken some CISCO courses and practice exams, but never completed it.
There was a tech discussion livestream where one of the guests said that CISCO certifications used to be considered essential but not anymore. Is this true?


Started studying for my CCNA but never got around to finishing up. Somewhere between Novice and Intermediate on that chart. Other than setting up network shares, haven't done a whole lot with resource sharing. Also don't know perl.


Yeah, Windows Server is a pretty foreign concept to me. Guess I'll have to learn it unless I can find a strictly Linux sysadmin role.


If you are already working on CCNA then getting a Network+ would probably be the easiest for you to get. I passed the Net+ after watching the Pluralsight course on it and doing some Googling. I also have experience as a sys admin. Linux certifications will likely lead to more money but if you just want something to pad your resume for now, Windows certifications are pretty cheap in the US $165 per test. I took two Microsoft Windows 7 tests and got MCITP, MCSA, MCTS, and MCP.

I'm personally trying to figure out what information security cert I want to go for next. I have Security+ now but not sure what the next step should be. I don't think I want to take the CASP but Comptia does have a new security cert called the CSA+. I know I don't have the experience to go for the CISSP, yet.


I'd say go for it. All of the equipment in the environment I work in is Cisco and the main guy that works with it here gets job offers all of the time. He has three interviews this week and one of the jobs pays $120k a year.

I get calls and emails all of the time from recruiters trying to fill Cisco jobs. I think pretty much most of the government is using Cisco equipment.


if you want to make your way to 100k/yr jobs:

start with Sec+ ( i mean If you want, only entry level cert worth getting is Net+)

Then get your MCSE/MCSA if going the sysadmin route or CCNA for networking

Other than that, Branch from there. if sysadmin stuff, DEFINATELY look into VMWARE.

If you want to be more IT Management, look into CISSP after your Sec+ (it's basically all of sec+ from a management stance. very hard lots of material, and it's a 5hr exam.

As always, Linux+ or RH certs aren't bad to have and are also valuable :slight_smile:

Source: I am a linux sysadmin for the Govt making close to 100k/yr. No degree yet, just certs and experience @ 25 yrs old


so glad this thread is still alive!

i sorta need advice:

i got my LPIC-1 a couple of weeks ago and the next certs im going to do are: networking+, mcsa win10 and ITIL.

i cant afford the LPIC-2 exams (300€+) but really wanna do the Linux Engineer Cert. So i talked to the person who manages the courses and such and i could switch the Networking+ Exams for the LPIC-2 Exams.

But is it worth it? I actually dont wanna miss out on the networking+ cert but i also dont wanna miss out on the LPIC-2 ...

Any ideas what i should do?

Edith: the ITIL Cert im gonna do is the foundation level cert. maybe i should try to switch the ITIL Cert for the LPIC-2?


Little Update:

I'm now LPIC-1 & LPIC-2 certified. Hope that will help me in the future finding a Linux Job.


Congratulations BookrV. I want my Linux + and you can get LPIC-1 with it, but not LPIC-2.

OP, Sec+ was my backdoor into the industry. I'm getting harped on now to do CISSP. What I want is to go down the more technical path, to do that certs like CCNA and others already mentioned are good.

I haven't seen OSCP carry a lot of weight broadly, just at some specific places, but that is my "I made it cert" IMO. CISSP is a big ticket, but IMO I think I'll get more personal satisfaction with OSCP- even though it wouldn't carry much weight were I work (its not 8570 like CEH)


To be linux+ certified, you need LPIC 1 AND 2...

The certification is divided into two halves. Since there is a lot of material to cover.


I thought the comptia book and test contains the material of both, but when you pass the Linux + exam you can put in paperwork to receive only the LPIC1 but not also the LPIC2. I'm reading from the below:

About a year or more ago, you used to also get a SUSE cert, SCA or something like that. Though those certs are not a big deal, just seemed cool to go for a cert that gave you three as a result. Its all meh...


My apologies, I read wrong, I meant it's composed of the 101 test and the 102 test to be L+ certified


When i did my LPIC-1 it was actually the CompTIA Linux+ Seminar. So CompTIA Linux+ is the same as LPIC-1. I have both Certs.

Has anybody an idea if it would be total bullshit if i would attempt to also get the LPIC-3 Security Cert?

Im pretty sure i can do that, but i have no idea if it helps me finding a job.
(It took me 4 weeks after LPIC1 to have both LPIC2 exams passed, pdf books and test questions, but i have never worked in IT before so 0 experience)


I'd get Sec+ before LPIC-3 simply because of 8570 compliance.


Thats sadly not always true.

Depending on the situation, you will usually have to pass HR's requirements for employment before you can talk to the tech people.

If you are applying for a state or federal job, then you will probably need A+


I had no idea 8570 compliance even existed, thanks!

Is this relevant to me as I am in Germany / Europe?

Sounds like Sec+ would be better then LPIC3/Sec... I'm gonna look into it!

Thanks, man!


Great question haha. Before googling it I'm going to guess its just a US Government thing, but I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of other countries have a similar policy towards government and/or contractors.

For US based people reading this, I only mention 8570 because that world is where certs matter so much. If your thinking of working for private companies that do a lot of pen-testing, certs don't seem to matter nearly as much (real world experience being the big thing) and the only cert a buddy of mine (that wasn't in the 8570 environment) was getting harped on to accomplish was the OSCP.