Used PSU

Do you think buy used PSU is worth it ?, it’s only about 50%

Probably not. Thinking about the recent Gigabyte PSU fiasco. It was also priced aggressively low…

Of all the parts you shouldnt cheap out on, PSU is probably among the highest in there.


Questions to ask:

How old, is the PSU?
How hard, was the PSU used?
Was the upkeep, any bit good?
Is all modular cabling, included in sale?


It’s high end 80+ titanium PSU, and also modular… yes… of course its included all cables…

For how old PSU I don’t know very much, but seller is reputable, and usually used high-end goods it’s in very good condition (usually peoples use high-end goods with extra care, difference if you buy used low-end goods, I speak generally like phone, computer parts, machine, etc), and in CN we use 220v soo… PSU will works more efficient and will have more good lifespan that use 110v… I think…

Yes… for deep learning setup 80+ titanium is my standards… and 80+ platinum for standard high end setup…

I would say it depends, from a reputable brand with known warranty/and transferable warranty I would be ok with it.

Also for used server gear, all day long :slight_smile: I dont think I have ever paid new prices for my server PSUs.