Used PC good price? Vs Building a new one

Hey I found this on CL and was wonding if this would sufice for a gaming/ graphic desgin rig?


CPU - Intel Q9550 Quad Core 2.83 GHz
MB - EVGA 790i FTW
GPU - 2X EVGA GeForce GTX 280
Memory - 2X Corsair 2 Gig DDR3 1600
Cooler Master dual 120mm fan CPU cooler.

I will throw in a 250 Gig Sata hard drive and a voucher for Borderlands 2 for free!


The price is nice at $250 I dunno if that is fair for just guts.  What do you guys think?

If i were you i would not buy a used computer but that is me. If you want to build a good computer for around $700 you this you can make it a little cheaper by getting a different case or less harddrive space.


For that budget you should go for an apu.