Used gtx 770 in shop

I came across this shop in my city that buys electrical devices off of people, and I saw an gigabyte gtx 770 which was tested and is being sold for £170. Should I get this deal and upgrade to a 770 from an r9 270? If it is worth it, what should i look out for such as temperature clock speeds etc? I'll be checking in store how they tested it so I presume the have a monitoring program like afterburner.

You can buy a new R9 280 for £130 in the uk at the moment (recent price drops)

video shows 960 vs 770 vs 280 vs 280x

Yeah but the 770 is the only option I have, finding this store was like finding a needle in a haystack from where I come from (they don't know pc gaming exists lol). I won't have access to the cards in store that you mentioned. My question is it worth upgrading to the 770 from the 270 for that price. Is there a significant performance increase?

Amazon cant deliver to you?
The 770 is a good step up from a 7870/r9 270 i wouldn't pay that much for a old gen secondhand card tbh

Of course they can but if I went to buy the 770 from amazon the cheapest used one is £20 dearer which is a lot if you're a student.

There's really no point in going from a 270 to a gtx 770. A gtx 770 should be a bit faster than a 280. You'd want to skip a generation or two and get a higher end card to feel a difference. I don't think 170P for a mild increase in fps is worth it.

If you do buy it, it's a great card though, I have it and it runs everything maxed out at 1920x1200 (230,400 more pixels than 1080p :P)

Yeah I think I might hold out for a proper upgrade, next year is a placement/internship year for me which means income and means more gaming since I don't have to worry about assignments and exams. Exciting times :)