Used Galaxy Geforce GTX 560Ti 1GB for sale

Hi everyone,

I'm selling my used 560ti 1GB for $170 (willing to negotiate). I've had it for quite some time now and I'm ready to upgrade. I've been really lazy about my graphics card. I've actually upgraded my CPU, case, HDD, and CPU cooler and not my GPU. So if you are interested, I will also throw in a Duke Nukem game card, and (if you want) an old Dell keyboard. So tell me if you are interested below and I will put an ad up on ebay! 



Do you have an old amd motherboard?

Might wanna drop your price as a new EVGA 650 ti Boost costs only $10 more on newegg.

You need to upload some pictures.

Like I said I'm willing to negotiate. I can go as low as $135. I don't have an old AMD board sorry. 

But this card beats that one...