(Used)12" High-Res Laptop/Notebook?


i'm looking for a used, small 12" High-Res Laptop/Notebook with more then that crappy 1280x800/1366x786 resolution. The first Problem is: It should not cost more then 250 Euro/330 Dollar. The Second Problem is: There is no Database on older Models other then the Thinkwiki.

Hardwarespecs are pretty non-relevant since it's only going to be used for Typing and some Surfing (Normally i download Youtube Videos, so it doesn't even need a lot of "power" for flash). What is a must have, is a Touchpad and at least a 1440x900/1400x1050 resolution.

Unfortunately the Thinkpads X60/X61/X200 are pretty much a no go because of the missing Touchpad (yes, i know there are a lot of people who love the TrackPoint...^^)  and the X201 is to expensive.

I would love to have a HP 2530p, but they are only available with 1280x800 and you probably can't "hack" a 1440x900/1600x900 Display into it.


So: Are there even other Laptops that are "used" with that kind of resolution? I would even go for a X60 with the old Core Duo (right now i'm totally okay with a Turion X2 Ultra^^) :D


Front page of google search for 12 inch laptop 1440x900 returned no results. Probably is very rare/obscure or doesnt exist in general.

Yeah, i can use google myself, that's why i asked if anyone KNOWS something ;)

And yes, it does exist, but it's rare. Well, looks like i have to get used to the trackpoint...or retrofit some of those touchscreen panels...