Use the battery to the max( question)

when i use my laptop on battery it shuts itself off when it have 5% left. i have change the battery settings. i can push it to go longer if i turn it on and give it bit power 3-4 min or so, thats why i know it have more to give. is it possible to prevent it shuting down without using up all of the battery power? 

Im not sure if there is one, I think thats so it can have enough left to enter hibernation And things like that. Perosnally I'd say leave it alone, the 5% isnt worth the trouble if there is a way

you NEVER, EVER want to drain you battery all the ways down, Li-ion battereys don't have the memory problems of ni-cd batterys, but completely draining them is really bad for them... you want to exercise the battery occasionally, but don't run it down all the way

Commissar is right, there is a reason they make your laptop shutdown before the battery is completely drained. The lithium-ion cells actually die if they drop below a certain voltage. In other words, you ruin the battery.