Use battery bank to charge laptop with USB Type-C?

Hey everyone! This is my first time back since the big shake up. I'm glad to see some familiar names still posting!

Anyway, I was hoping I could get some help. The USB Type-C connector and all the different standards it supports has left me a little unsure of what is safe in terms of charging devices. Here is my specific problem/question:

My dad has an Elitebook Folio G1 laptop, which uses a USB Type-C port for charging duties. According to the spec sheet, the power adapter is a 45 watt unit that outputs 3A at 5V, 12V, or 15V, depending on what the device needs.

I'd like to buy him a power bank that can charge his laptop. The power banks with AC outputs and three-prong plugs are a little big, so I thought I could get him a power bank with a Type-C output. THIS ONE has a 5V at 3A output via the Type-C connector.

Would there be a problem using it to charge his laptop? I know there have been problems with USB C cables and I'd be sure to get him a quality cord. I'm just unclear on what will work and what is safe. Thanks in advance for any help!

Based on what little I do know about power banks, and the specs you gave. It should charge the device just fine. I just don't know how much power it uses so maybe it wont charge while on.

But the bank outputs the lower end that the included power adapter gives.

EDIT: The bank gives 5v at 3amps or 15watts, the included charger is 15v 3amp or 45 watts. So the Bank will charge rat roughly 1/3 the speed of the included power adapter

Thanks. That's pretty much my line of thought as well. I'm concerned that the included power adapter has three voltage levels and that it might cause damage if the computer wants a higher voltage but the power bank can't supply it. (Why is it easier to say that now than when I wrote the post?!?! Words are hard.)

its so sexy

It has a lot of nice things going for it. Unfortunately, we haven't been so lucky with battery life :/