Use a VM in a web browser

I would like to be able to run a VM on a machine of newer OSX or something and have it be accessible to a PPC ibook. This would mean having the VM be accessible VIA browser. Can such a thing be done? I know of proxmox but thats a whole OS utility, not just a toolset isn't it?

VNC? In KVM at least you can expose the display with this and use any old VNC viewer.

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I know that with vmware there is a browser client, I have to use that for school, but if you don't than I can't help you.

teamviewer has a web based client portal type thing if you'd like something like that.

Be aware of the hack that recently happened to teamviewer though. I have two factor auth turned on and seperate passwords for logging into my account and then another password to get into the computer. Just to be safe.

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Best case i've seen is i think it is called php virtualbox or something like it, but that's really only a manager where you can launch headless VMs, not really an web based access solution to the different VMs.

LOL if an ibook could use paralells XDDD

hit up the VM in a protocol other than a Browser if Possible like VNC or RDP because browors change all the time and shit breaks when messed with.

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Really? fair enough. Even $50 slim clients can run Parallels.

PowerPC bro.

This gave me an idea but I have not had time to experiment, I was wondering why a browser? even PPC should have a VNC client.

I have the slowest ibook g4 ever made. 1.07 ghz. It ca barely get away wiyh running roller coaster tycoon 3.