Use a DP to HDMI cable with the Level1 Dual Monitor 4 Port KVM. [Solved]

Ok, so I bought the Level1 4port, Dual DisplayPort 1.2 KVM switch and I love it, it works great when I have only Dual DP to the computer and DP to the Monitors, However, I’m trying to use a GTX 1080 with Dual DisplayPort Ports and a GTX 680 with 1 DisplayPort and 1 HDMI port. My rig is unique in that I have the 1080 being passed to a Windows 10 VM with the dual DP ports and I have the Host (Manjaro Arch + KVM+QEMU) running on the 680 with 1 DP and 1 HDMI port. I using native DP 1.2 cables connected to everything, except 1 going from the KVM to the 680 HDMI, which doesn’t work.

My question in a nutshell is, can I run 1 DP cable & 1 DP-to-HDMI going from the Level1 KVM to the 680?

Is the DP/HDMI cable HDMI-> DP or DP-> HDMI


You need to use a usb powered hdmi to dp adapter then it should work. Note the adapters are not reversible as mutation implies


This one specifically:


Thank you all for the feedback, I’ll try that adapter. That makes sense, since the cable I have is DP to HDMI unidirectional DP → HDMI, I thought it was bi-directional. Again, thank you all.

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Thank you @wendell and @oO.o for your input! The adapter you suggested @oO.o works perfectly! I now have my both displays working under Arch and I didn’t have to spent a HUGE amount of cash a GPU that had dual DP ports. :slight_smile: Thank you all!

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