USB Win 10 problems

I'm kind of embarrassed to have to ask this kind of question, but I'm at a loss...

I created a bootable USB to install Win 10 with. It boots fine, and everything seems fine. Then on the getting ready for installation the progress bar will just sit. I left it for a few hours and came back and it was still on the same percentage (11).

I thought the USB could have been corrupted so I used a different USB (fresh format) on a different USB port but had the same issue (I used the front port instead). Has anyone successfully installed Win 10 (recently) using a USB and the Microsoft tool? It boots fine, so I can't figure out what's wrong... Both flash drives are in perfect working condition and 16 GB each, so I don't think that's the problem.

  • be sure to delete any pre-downloaded windows update files
  • launch windows
  • insert usb
  • run the setup.exe as Administrator (right click the file)

This is normal if you are behind a proxy. Reboot and it should continue. If not reboot one more time. It may prompt you for proxy creds.