USB to RJ45 connectors above 1gpbs?

I’ve been looking for such adapters, but most don’t mention their speeds.

Like this:

It’s RJ45? What speed? Dunno, just RJ45.

I’m looking for 2.5/5/10Gbps stuff, to plug into a laptop, and it seems most such products don’t list that.

“amazon .nl/C2G-Gigabit-Ethernet-Netwerk-Adapter.” The title doesn’t conclusively prove it’s gigabit, but it seems likely. I’d imagine anything faster would proudly announce it and cost more than a comparable gigabit adapter. I don’t think faster adapters are nearly as common, whereas consumer gigabit devices have been mass produced for a long time now.

Amazon search is notoriously terrible. You may want to use a search engine. Typing “ 2.5gbps USB” brings up quite a number of options for me. You can adjust the search as needed and hopefully find what you want.

Wow, selection on is quite limited compared to the US. There are a few reputable brands but I would suggest tempering your expectations when it comes to performance. Most the 2.5G adapters will be using a realtek rtl8156 that doesn’t perform well under heavy load (such as with transferring large files from a NAS). The 5G adapters should do a little better but about 3.5Gbit will be the top end for them. There are some good reviews for 2.5/5G to USB adapters on ServeTheHome if you want to do some research first.

I’m assuming these are for the HP laptop from your other post? If so you can use either USB-C or a Type-A port. Both are USB 3.2 Gen 1x1 (5Gbit)

2.5G Adapters

5G Adapters

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As I suspected, then.

Thanks for the help, everyone. I’ll try my luck on the sabrent 5gbps, see how it holds up.