USB SoundBlaster 3 Microphone Issue

Greetings everyone!

I was wondering if anyone knew of a possible solution for this issue I am having. I have a headset with a green/pink connector for audio and mic. It works fine however my on-board audio card seems to have a minor hiss in the background. So instead of purchasing a dedicated audio card I purchased a SoundBlaster Play 3 USB adapter on Amazon. Click here if you wish to see it your self.

The device works and eliminates the hiss in the background. However the issue I am having is the microphone portion will randomly stop working. My friends in Discord don’t hear me. There is no indication of mute or anything, I reload discord and the mic starts to work again.

I tried and checked the settings in control panel and disabled the power saver check box to see if that would help however seems to still do it.

Any suggestions?

Shot in the dark, try setting sample rate to 44.1 or 48kHz for the input.

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