USB SD Card Reader Issue

I have a Kingston MobileLite G4. I have encountered a problem with the front usb port on my case or motherboard not sure. I have to plug in the mobilelite g4 a couple times to get the computer to recognize it then it gives me a message "This Device can perform faster" USB Mass storage. Which is strange because I am 100% sure I'm plugging into usb 3.0 port and the mobilelite g4 is usb 3.0 device. The problem only happens in front usb ports of the case. When I plug the mobilelite g4 in rear usb 3.0 ports I don't get Device can perform faster message. I never had a problem before with the usb 3.0 port until now recently. I tested speeds benchmark crystal disk the speed results are slower now. I tried using usb 3.0 extension cable and it still would not work. Seems nothing can give the mobileite G4 enough power. I tried updating to latest usb 3.0 drivers still no luck :(

Is your front panel header plugged into a 3.0 header on the motherboard? Only reason I can think you would have this issue otherwise. Some front panel connectors are kind questionable regarding performance

what happens when you plug it into the back of the motherboard? might be the usb connectors. some are shit like on my laptop