USB Problems :(

I recently switched over from a ASUS Z97 AR to an ASRock H97M-ITX/ac board. When I moved boards I took my OS with it. Now I can only use USB devices when I boot with them and. OS is Windows 8.1 Pro.

Have you installed the drivers for the USB controller on the new board, take a look in device manager to see if there is anything indicating problems there?

OS still thinks the drive is installed when I remove a flash drive.

Maybe try uninstalling the USB controller and re-installing with latest drivers from ASRock.

Intel only has the controller driver for 7

Did the MOBO come with a disc?

yep but the driver for the controller is 7 only

Okay then, just had a quick look and all I could find on their website was ones for Windows 7 aswell.

Is there any BIOS update available?

I did rest the bios and I dont know about update

And I have been scanning the controller for hardware changes it just gose on and on same with looking for updates

Maybe give the ASRock App Shop a go. Haven't used it myself but apparently it will scan your system for any available driver/bios updates.

still has not fixed the issue

Is your USB drive formatted correctly? I cant remember what it is exactly.

Also ensure that the drive has been allocated a drive letter

Can you remove the USB drivers in device manager so they reinstall?