Usb powering solution

Before i begin i would like to thank everyone who has participated in help me solve my problem. Let me say that i am grateful and appreciate your knowledge in any way possible. so lets begin.


My problem:

Have a wireless adapter that i need to put 30ft away from pc for better connectivity. The problem is that the wire i am using ( (x 2) is not really working out as i planned. After connecting both cables to the pc i am getting an error that states the USB is not recognized. I read some where that i need a booster cable which will supply more power and can help the problem. But i wanna know is there some way i can add more power to the cable. 


what i tried doing is using an external adapter to power the wireless 



i connected the red wire to the positive wire of the adapter and the black wire to the negative. Then i connected the white and green to the USB cable and connected it to the pc but still nothing. How come? I want a solution if anyone know what i am talking about.

If you want it that far away from your PC, you may as well use a shit load of ethernet cable or just buy a more powerful adapter.

if you split the cable where it plugs in the pc and put the +5v and the GND into like a phone charging cable and plug it into the wall that could work not really sure though.  Just a thought

i have baught a new adapter and i wanna put that far away for better performance( better signals). But wait William what you said right now i took it as 2 way:

1. you want me to use Ethernet cable instead of USB for the wireless

2. you want me to just get rid of wireless adapter and connect it directly to the router/modem

yeah and ragingh4vok i already tried that but thanks anyway

I'm saying there are two easier options:

1. Don't use wireless.

2. Get a better wireless adapter.