USB ports recconnecting rapidly when under load

As the title states, my USB ports start disconnecting and reconnecting randomly when the PC is under load.
For example I played certain game today and the mouse would reconnect every 30 seconds (it didn’t even give any sound input of the mouse reconnecting). It gets gradually worse, since my drawing tablet and keyboard start doing the same thing, until all the devices start doing it rapidly and I can’t use them. The clip underneath shows the final result.

What I’ve tried so far:
Editing power plan so it wouldn’t disconnect the USB devices at any given moment.
Checking Event Viewer to see if it comes up with anything, it did mention something about Virtualbox driver failure and I uninstalled VBox entirely, which didn’t help either.

PC Specs:
CPU: i3 2120
GPU: GTX 650 1GB
OS: Windows 10

I hope this bit of information helps.

Is it possible that your are drawing too many amps from the USB bus.

Also USB is a polling protocol. If you have an over driven device at say 1000Hz and one of the devices cannot cope, weird things happen. There is also overhead on the processor since it is not IRQ interrupted. You may be maxing out your i3.

Sounds like a power draw issue to me, like @Mastic_Warrior said.

I never changed my settings though and I’ve had that specific setup for very long time.
What should I do?


I changed the PSU to try out how it pans out, since I have an old one laying around. Don’t know the results yet.


The problem is still there with different PSU, which could actually be faulty as well but I doubt it.

I’d like to ask something for confirmation. Is it possible that my mouse is being the faulty device and throwing some wrong signal or something?
Since the problem starts from mouse first out of all devices.

Is it a gaming mouse with 1000hz “uber mad gamer skillz” polling rate? If so, then the answer may be yes.
Otherswise, if you have RGBd all the things, then you may want to start by turning that off.

If you were using peripherals of questionable source (bad capacitors, missing diodes), one of them may be going bad and is trying to take down the other devices with them.

It’s a gaming mouse but running at 500hz and it has always been like that.
I haven’t changed any peripherals for the past 10 months ish and I never had that problem.


Tried old mouse which runs at 1000hz and that one doesn’t crash which is funny.

Was going to say the next step is to unplug everything and plug in one at a time testing after each one till it happens to find out if it is one thing causing it or two things that do not like each other.

I’m pretty sure it’s the dead mobo since I tested the mouse at friend’s place and it worked fine there.

This is honestly depressing since I don’t have a job and I have no income for building a new PC.