USB network Adapter Slow on one computer but really fast on otherS?

So i have this USB adapter that i use for the internet.. and it works perfectly on all computers but my new computer that i literally installed today.


It's downloading speed is like 150 kBS compared to 3 MB on other coputers.

please help? 


USB wi fi adapters have small antennas so distance from the AP will have a big affect in proformance.

I am using my laptop in the SAME exact spot and it's still more than 10 times faster

what is the adapter? and what are the computers you're using

The laptop will have much better antennas then the USB recever. To rule out reception as the cause you will want to move the computerwith the USB recever close to the AP and see if the problem gos away. IF it does not you may have some kind of driver problem.

on the other computers this adapter works better than the laptop's and also. it's a 802.11 g/b/n real tek.