Usb Monitors:. Does it matter?

I’m looking at getting a dork and usb monitor for my thinkpad X230T. I have the dock picked out, 10 bucks and I get 4 more usb ports, serial, vga, and displayport, plus a cd drive, but the usb monitor I’m trying to work out still.

Does it matter? I just want one to put drawing references on. At the place I can get a dock for 10 bucks, I can get a lenovo usb monitor for 60 bucks and an hp one for 112. It won’t be used for games, or anything more complex than still images and a youtube video or terminal.

Are there better ones than what lenovo puts out? Or hp? Or do I just do the lenovo one and call it good?

If you have usb monitor suggestions, let me know!


the USB interface shouldn’t be a problem if you’re using it for non gaming purposes. I used to have my PSP as a second monitor, and it was great for youtube videos and light web browsing, so I’m sure pretty much anything with a decent resolution would suit your needs. and for $60? Id call that a steal.

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Fookin wat mate? How did I never hear of this wizardry?


this is some magic i want to do now! teach me senpai
teach me how to use my psp more

for those of us still rocking their cracked PSPs why not get one more monitor to add to the mix.

Even better I can have an even greater gradient of resolutions. 4k -> 1440 -> 1080 -> PSP

But can we go deeper?

lemme see what can be done about hooking up my GBA micro as a monitor.

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…thanks I… Guess.

We have the Asus USB monitor good fore traveling other then that it never gets used

sorry for thread hijack the usb monitor market from current inspection is extreme hit or miss on everything if going for no names. there are a few good expetions can’t remeber the models/brand uses usb 3.1 gen 2 to attempt a 75hz but i don’t think that matters much. so jumping on, @mutation666 is refrencing? is fine just make sure its warranty is good imo over others

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We got the full HD version but yes

Probably got a hell of a deal on the name brand stuff then.


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If you want to be funny you could attempt to source a rare ibm think pad downloadfile-1

this here is joke post

I honestly would die if I found a W700DS. I’ve seen one ever. And they were build to order at that.

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Oh yeah the PSP went places when it got hacked. It was pretty amazing in the end.

Make a separate thread jesus fuck


The OP has requested several times to keep his thread on track. Please make a new thread or converse in PMs if you wish to discuss the PSP further, as it was only brought up in passing about it being used as a second monitor.

Thank you.

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