USB Monitor *without* driver software

Hi All,

Looking for something quite specific, hopefully it can be done. I work in an office with basic Optiplex workstations and crappy 1280x1024 monitors. This is a pain as I typically have 5+ applications open that Im regularly using. Spend all day hitting Alt-Tab. The company only provide dual display setups to staff in the role above me which Im still working towards a promotion to. The workstations arent capable of dual display, needs a GPU to be added, so I cant just lug in a regular monitor.

So, a USB monitor would be perfect. Looking at AOC 16"s. I know draw rates arent great, but its just for a ticketing system/outlook so that wont be a problem. What is a problem is the software/drivers. Its part of a large enterprise domain and I dont have perms to install anything. The internal support guys arent super helpful either. This means I need something thats plug and play, no "DisplayLink" app/similar. Is there such a thing? Does windows pull generic drivers for USB monitors? 

Googling hasnt thrown up much hard info so hopefully somebody here has some experience with this.



I think you're going to be stuck. I never rule out the possibility of something existing, but I think you need to wait for that promotion. Or get a job in IT admin so you can control your own workstation to how you want :)

Sorry I'm not much help. But I wouldn't spend money on a monitor unless I knew

Yeah, Im not gonna make an amazon order without knowing in advance. 

So, I'm a tool, most of the workstations actually have a spare HDMI output. Time to get a portable with HDMI in :)