USB Issues

Lately I have been having problems with the rear USB ports on my motherboard, and some other ports I feel are controlled by the same source. With my headset, if I nudge the connector I loose sound and I literally have to jiggle it for like 10 minutes until it starts working again. Just earlier today, I was gaming and randomly my mouse quits working and I hear the sound Windows makes as if I had disconnected it myself. The last port I'm having issues with is ethernet. It will randomly just disconnect and I have to restart my entire computer for it to start working again. It is first I thought it was just the driver, reinstalled the one from ASRock's website and I'm still having problems. I do have a PCI network card but it is an antique, around 2003, Infineon AN983B, and it does have some problems. It has been sitting in a drawer in my house since 2003 and I only just found it again in January. My motherboard is an ASRock 770iCafe. I have made sure all connectors are pushed in all the way.

+1 rma it. Or turf it and buy a new board.

Yeah its getting about time to replace it. AMD Phenom II x4 965 doesn't perform very well when paired with a GTX 760. Time to save up for an i5 4670k :)