USB HID Ports not working - L1T DP 1.4 Dual KVM

Hey, so I just got the dual-monitor DP 1.4 KVM in, hooked everything up with trusted good cables and displays are working fine.

However, the HID ports seem not to transfer any data. No matter what I plug in, keyboard, mouse, usb dac, usb mic, it receives power, but does not work or show up in windows device manager.

Any ideas how to fix this? Appreciate any input :slight_smile:

do you have a usb3 (blue ends) A to B cable going from the computer to the kvm? Can you take a pic of the front and back of the kvm? what are the LEDs on the front doing? You’ll get a red light for each port where USB to the host is correctly detected.

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so while I always had a usb 3 a to b cable connected and leds were green and red at the front, it only just started working today.

Only thing I changed was disconnecting and reconnecting dc power of the kvm. I don’t know if windows was the issue and needed another hello or something inside the usb hub was glitching out, but now everything seems as intended, keyboard, mouse, usb mic and dac are all running. hotkeys via hid keyboard are also working.

thx anyways

Sometimes in device manager windows will have some nonsense about not being able to allocate resources. It’s a windows thing. Depends on host usb port sometimes too

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